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Pocket doll - Leia

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Image of Pocket doll - Leia
  • Image of Pocket doll - Leia
  • Image of Pocket doll - Leia
  • Image of Pocket doll - Leia

This sweet pocket doll is approximately 20 cm (7.8") tall, and is made from all natural materials.

The face is shaped by needle felting, and the body is constructed from a sturdy dark green Organic cotton jersey, and stuffed with natural sheep's wool.

The hair is crocheted using ginger mohair yarn.

The skirt is sewn form a beautiful piece of Indonesian cotton batik, trimmed with a natural dyed cotton, and closes at the back with a tiny snap button.
The hat is hand knit from dark red sock wool.

All clothing items and accessories can be removed for dress-up and play.

This doll is handmade, with lots of hand stitched details, and is therefore intended for Gentle Play!

Spot clean & Hand wash only in lukewarm water, with gentle soap and without soaking.
When the hair becomes matted, it can carefully be brushed up to return to it's original fluffiness.
The red cheeks can be touched up with a natural, red beeswax crayon {such as Stockmar's}